Monday, December 30, 2013

Breakfast! YUM!

As Promised, Breakfast is served.
Here's my version of a McGriddle for breakfast.  Picture isn't all that great, but it's enough to give you an idea what the completed product looks like.  It is larger than a standard McDonald's McGriddle, but mine is much neater and no grease running down the hands while you eat it.

You still get the molten lava cheese flow that you have to look out for though.

I had this again for Breakfast today.

Total: 502 Calories

Lunch is off the reservation

Co-worker and I went to a little place that has the Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dogs I like LOVE.  I, of course, had the fries too...
Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dog

2 Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Fries... Drum roll...

Total: 1108 Calories  


Funny enough... Mom made Hot Dog for dinner.  This, though, was the chicken kind and only one.  We also had some delicious Ore Ida Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries.

Dinner came in much lower than lunch.

Total: 420-ish Calories.


Had a banana muffin that Mom made yesterday.

Total: 121 Calories.

At the end of the day

Today's total is not surprisingly over.  By a lot.  Grand Total: 2151 calories or 951 calories over daily goal.

In the future, if I go to the Hot Dog place it's ONE Chicago Style Hot Dog and NO FRIES!  With a non-calorie drink, that will put me at about 375 Calories, an acceptable lunch.  It'll still be a whopper on sodium, but I think that's much better than the calorie bomb that I consumed today.

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