Sunday, October 14, 2012

4 weeks of ouch!

9/16/12 - Last long run I've done, 8.11 miles.  The course I took was VERY hilly.  Add this to my normal runs outside were always going over the overpass for the most part.  I ended up aggravating my Achilles on my left foot.

9/26/12 - First try at running and I got onto the treadmill-o-doom.  It seemed to go well after my run.  Then, the next morning I was right back where I was before.

After that I found a bunch of hints online on what I had done and best ways to go about "curing" it.  It of course means to not be running for a while.  With exercises, stretching and some massaging of the area, I now seem to be much better.

10/9/12 - I did some work on the treadmill-o-doom.  Just a mile to see how things would go.  3/4 mile walking and 1/4 mile at a very light jog.  It went well.  1/4 Mile of the walk was done barefoot.

Tonight, tonight, tonight 
Monumental 1/2 Marathon is quickly approaching! (20 Days and counting!) So tonight I buckled down and hit the treadmill-o-doom again.  This time going for 2 miles total, but at at least some kind of "race pace".  I had one of my favorite Podrunner podcasts (Speedbump #1) going and I took off.  Warm up walk for a few minutes and then into an 8 minute segment at 160 BPM.  That felt very good and I really felt that I could keep the 160 BPM pace up for a very long time.  Breathing was good and everything just seemed to be working together.  Couple minute slowdown to 150 BPM walking and then up to 165 BPM.  At about 6 minutes into that 8 minute segment, I began to get very winded and my pulse went up.  I ended up dialing it back for a minute and taking a few sips of water.  I then finished out the segment and began a cool down routine, as I was getting near the 1-3/4 mile mark.  For the last 1/4 mile, I once again did it walking barefoot.

Dad is pretty much beating the socks off of me right now in the weight loss area.  This past week he remained steady, but for the 3 previous weeks he was steadily loosing.  Since I've not been running, I foolishly didn't cut back my calorie intake.  I paid for it in weight.  I'm back up, but at least last week I managed to loose 1.  Currently back at 246.  I feel like I'm NEVER going to get into the 230's!!  I'm also nowhere near the 220 I was hoping for by the Monumental 1/2... :(  With the setback from the Achilles, I'm just looking to finish the Monumental 1/2 and then work at getting better for the Disney World 5K and 1/2 Marathon in January!

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Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
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