Thursday, August 2, 2012

I ONLY went 3.5 miles...

A little perspective.

"I ONLY went 3.5 miles tonight."

Yes, that actually went through my mind as I got back home tonight after my run.

Taking a look back at my blog from this time a year ago, I was just managing to get up into the 2 mile range while finishing out the month by getting up to 3.5 miles.  And those runs were struggles each and every time.

I look back at those pace times and I now realize that I can easily WALK that pace now.  My overall running pace might not be much faster, but it's also been in the high 90's regularly around here, forcing the need to keep it to a slower pace.

I look back at Saturday's run where I put in almost 6.75 miles and chalk it up to the fact that I "Just went further than I had intended to".  Amazing.

I am upset that I've not been able to shed the pounds that I'd like to recently, but as far as fitness goes, I think I'm doing very well!

Work has been rough the past month or so, so just sitting back to this realization tonight just makes me kinda laugh a little.

I just needed a little bit of perspective. 

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