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Weekly Recap - Week of 6/10/12

Week of 6/10/12 Recap

Upper Body Resistance Band Workout
30 Min Yoga
UNDER Calorie Goal (1200)
Run 3.61 Miles
UNDER Calorie Goal (1000)
Walk 3.27 Miles
Under Calorie Goal (400)
Didn't log today's meals!
Rest Day
Under Calorie Goal (100)
Under Calorie Goal (275)
Run 5.64 Miles
UNDER Calorie Goal (450)

I once again have skipped much more than intended.

Friday I did get some walking in, but it wasn't at a pace that would have been in my intended HR zone.  It was just walking around the mall Friday night.  

I did buy the newest issue of Runner's World and the Running shop (Blue Mile) is going to get a couple of pairs of shoes in for me to try on.  It seems that with my weight loss, the 4E width I had been getting is now too wide.  I can feel my feet slipping side to side in the 4E pairs of shoes I have.  The Brooks Trance that I got on hefty sale earlier this year are 2E's, and they seem to fit much nicer now.

So they are going to get in a couple pair of the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS's, one 4E and one 2E to make sure that it's not just my old shoes being stretched out from use.

I got 2 customer recognition awards at work this past Friday morning. They give us a gift card (so I got 2, as many as you can get in a year).  I figured I'd put them to use by getting a new pair of shoes.  I had thought about trying the new New Balance Miniumus shoes, but I'm just not ready to try and change things up now.  I'd rather keep focused on weight loss this summer and then look into bettering my technique once I start training fully for the 1/2 Marathons I have coming up this winter.

In looking at the mileage that I'll be putting on these pairs of shoes, I figure that this new pair should get me through the Monumental 1/2 here in Indy, but I'll need to get a new pair and start breaking them in right after that race to be set for the 1/2 at Walt Disney World in January.

The 2 Pair of Asics 2160's that I have are going to be regulated down to my walking shoes.  They seem to be fine when I walk in them, but when I run in them I'm noticing my legs getting very sore.

Today I stopped in at a local Goodwill store and picked up a decent zip up top to use as my toss away item for the 1/2 in January.  For the Monumental 1/2 here in Indy, I'll probably need all of my cold weather gear that I've already bought when it was starting to get chilly last year.  (Brrr... November 3rd race in Indianapolis)  

I still have the toss away pants that I had bought for this year's race.  I didn't end up using them because I trusted the Weather Channel was correct when I headed out the door for the race that said it was 50 degrees!  It was much too obvious that was wrong once I was out the door.

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Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49

Registered for the 2013 5K & 1/2!

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