Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 3 Results are in!

Week Date Kipp Weekly% Overall% Dad Weekly% Overall%
0 6/5/2012 249 230
1 6/12/2012 247 2 0.80% 0.80% 227 3 1.30% 1.30%
2 6/19/2012 245 2 0.81% 1.61% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%
3 6/26/2012 246 -1 -0.41% 1.20% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%

Well, as we can see, I was correct.  Dad managed to maintain again and I blew it.  We'll see how this week goes, but so far I'm thinking that if Dad manages to loose this week, he may get me again.  

I've not done too hot on sticking with the diet this week.  Lunches have been my downfall again.  I've been away from the office at lunch time most of this week and failed to take my lunchbox with me, so I've hit the restaurants for most of this week and I can feel it.

I've done more walking this week than in previous weeks, so I hope that may help balance things out this week. I just don't think it'll be enough for the poor lunch decisions I've made this week.

2012 June 25
I thought I'd put up a recent picture.  That was after my run on the 25th.

2011 May 6
Compare that to a picture from 2011...  I don't see a lot of difference myself.  Face seems to be a bit thinner.  About that time I would have been right around 266, so 20 pounds heavier than I am right now.

I have a 5K to look forward to for Sunday after next.  A Disney running buddy is going to be in town from Chicago and we're going to do a 5K in downtown Indianapolis.  I'm looking forward to spending time with him.  You can check Rick's blog that I've linked to on the right there, Journey to Better Health.

He's doing what I've tried to do.  He's managed a huge weight loss in the same period that I was hoping to!  We started running right around the same time, but he's MUCH faster than I am!

Gonna wrap it up here, thanks for Reading!  


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