Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I ran past Rooster Cogburn tonight!

Okay, maybe it was just a rooster.  No, really!  A ROOSTER just pecking away at some hay in someones front yard as I ran past tonight.  IN Indianapolis!  Now if I had been running up at my cousins farmland area up in Star City, I wouldn't have given it a second thought.

Meet Rooster
I stopped and looked at the rooster, the rooster kind of cocked his head at me and then I ran a few more steps and decided to take the picture (which really got   Runkeeper messed up...  since I had to take it out of my arm band to take the picture, it just created some havoc for a few minutes.)

After I ran a little further as I just about got to a corner I turn at, I heard the rooster crowing.  I just kinda shook my head and went on my way.  Maybe the rooster thought much like I did... that's really something I didn't expect to see today.

So I decided to do a hill run tonight.  I queued up a coaching session on Runkeeper that I called 4 mile run.  Well, I think I need to look at it a bit closer, because after I finished what I thought would be my last segment, it tells me to do another 1 mile, I was at 4.10 miles at that point already!  I decided against pushing it, as I was already quite worn out from the 4 miles already and it was VERY warm tonight (somewhere in the area of 80 degrees!)

Overall, the run went very well.  I also got 2 Fartleks in... okay, maybe not.  It was just me running across a very busy street to get over to my overpass road.  I did run as fast as I could across the road!

Little doggie didn't come out again.  So hopefully the owners have done something to keep him/her close to the house.


1.00 mi

14:12 !!!
0.25 mi (slow)15:300
1.00 mi (steady)16:24-2
0.25 mi (slow)15:542
1.00 mi (steady)15:331
0.25 mi (slow)17:04-2

There are also 2 more segments, my 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down.  Since I have the repeat set too high, I just used the last 1/4 mile as my cool down.

I'm beginning to see some improvements in my pace!  In both running AND walking (Steady is my jogging segment, slow is my walking segment).  I'm really happy to see that my walking segments are improving, as before I usually slowed down to close to a 20 minute mile while walking!  The middle run segment ran longer because that's the spot where I have to stop for traffic to cross the road to get to the overpass I run over and I also had to stop for traffic coming out of the Church on the corner.

One last thing, Sunday was apparently a very exciting day around our neighborhood:

Man dies after shots fired in Indianapolis SWAT situation - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

YIKES!!  There was a helicopter going over the neighborhood for a while.  We're further back in the subdivision, so I didn't find out about this until someone at work asked me about it Monday morning!  It's not uncommon for us to hear a helicopter overhead, as we're close to the interstate and they fly around watching the road sometimes.

I just wanted to share my experience tonight and I'm going to wrap it up here.

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  1. This ia awesome progress - congratulations!!!! It definitely seems like you're back on track and really doing some great stuff here.