Sunday, April 1, 2012


.... or not!

Tonight I tried my hand at making a Fartlek routine in Runkeeper.  I don't think it went as well as my random Fartlek run that I did the other day.

I started with a 5 minute warm up and then did a 5 minute jog.  I then rotated a 30 second run followed by 4 minutes more jogging.  I then ended with a 5 minute cool down walk.

Once I got done with the fast run, I pretty much downshifted into a walk for a bout 30 seconds to a minute and then picked it back up to a jog.  It was very humid tonight with the recent storms that have been going through.  I sweated a lot more and could really feel it in the breathing tonight.

I tried to keep focus on keeping upright instead of hunched over.  I can definitely feel the difference through my shoulders and back.

I also focused on my breathing while I was going faster.  Trying to stay equal on breath in/out on my strides.  I THINK I was hitting it at L-R breath in, L-R breath out.

On the issue of weight.  *sigh*  I'm bouncing between 247-249 right now.  I'm really thinking of bumping up my running to 4 times a week to see if that might help kick some things into gear.

I hope something gives soon.  It's been very frustrating to just keep hovering at the same point.

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  1. Fartleks are hard to schedule because you should be doing them based on how you feel and landmarks you see, etc...I can't say I've ever really tried to schedule them in a program before, but it's pretty cool if you can actually do that.

    I hear you on the diet thing. Nothing is working for me right now. I hope things pick up and work for you soon.