Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dog on the hill

I've been tackling going over a hill this past week.  I worked on it last weekend with my first run through of my new route.  I did it once again on Tuesday night, going for a longer run that I had originally intended because things were just clicking together nicely that night!

One concern I have had Tuesday and tonight is the fact that on my approach to the overpass, someone in the houses near it let their little doggie run around un-fenced and not leashed to anything.  Tuesday they came running for the dog, but tonight they did not.  Tonight I even tried to run on the wrong side of the road (running with traffic instead of against it) to hopefully avoid the dog running after me.

That was a bigger mistake then just sticking to the other side, as the dog zipped right across the road!  Now I'm even more concerned because now the dog is chasing after me across a road that does have a bit of traffic on it!  I'm more pissed at the owners of the dog for not having it properly fenced in or leashed!
About a 1/4 mile from my "hill"
I took the above picture after my turnaround point after going over the overpass.  It's around 1/4 mile past the overpass where I turn around at.  It pretty much has a steady uphill incline until I get to the steeper incline of the overpass itself.

I skipped my run night on Thursday and then I ran again tonight as my story above let you all know.  As well as Tuesday nights run went, that's how BAD tonight's run went.  Once I hit the 1.5 mile mark (near my turn around point after the overpass), my body decided that I've GOT to go.  It was the longest walk back, as any time I started jogging again I could tell that just wasn't going to work out.

Tomorrow will be my first day of yard work for the year!  I picked some stuff up at the store to that will hopefully kill off some of the weeds in this yard.  I'll also need to pick up some more seed to see if I can get some of these bad patches filled in this year.  It didn't work last year.

If the weather holds up, I'll think about doing another run Tomorrow, since I skipped Thursday.

Now on to the weight.  I can gladly say that this week I've started to turn it around.  Down 1 pound this week to 249.  Thankfully back down under the 250 mark!

After watching some of the Yoga routines on the DVD, I think I'm going to have to go through the poses first to see if I can figure them out so I can do them along with the DVD in the routine.

I've started in with the resistance bands too.  My shoulders are a little sore, as I've started doing my original therapy exercises for my shoulder & neck.  (I've dislocated my right shoulder 3 times, so without regular work, my neck and shoulder start hurting, ALOT).

I've also been working a little bit more with the stretching strap.  I've already noticed that my hamstrings don't bother me as much now when I run.  I still don't have much range of motion, but that won't work itself out in just a few workouts.

I think I'll wrap it up here for now!

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  1. I really hate pet owners that are not responsible. My dogs are like kids and I wouldn't let either run around by a road unsupervised.

    Sounds like you've really kicked up the work outs and are back in the swing of things. Great work!

    1. I was so worried tonight because of the dog just running across the road to growl and bark at me. Luckily they've put up road closed signs and the traffic was much lighter than it had been Tuesday.

      Changing the route has helped some. Different scenery helps. I think the overpass workout route has helped with my running back out on the pavement overall.