Monday, November 14, 2011

Treadmill 'o' doom

Well, I didn't get my run in tonight.  Mother nature was tossing a heck of a storm earlier, so I figured it'd be a treadmill 'o' doom night.

I go to start it up and right off the bat I cannot even get it to start up.  I then turn to Google to find out if I can find any more hints on getting this sucker back into some kind of working order, short of wiring in a bunch of buttons from Radio Shack (do they even sell buttons there any more???)

This is the unfortunate piece of equipment that I have:
Proform 930i - Hot Buns Girl NOT included.

Proform 930i.  The initial reviews I came across on it when I was in the market of buying a treadmill were giving this thing a favorable review.  I wish I had come across this review LINK.

I was initially looking for a treadmill that would accommodate my weight at the time I was looking for this.  I was above 250#, probably in my 275# range.  I knew from my research that treadmills sold at Wallyworld were not going to be able to take the pounding from me.  Most of those decks are not for people over 225#!

I "got a good deal" on this.  It was on sale AND had free shipping.  $90.00 a month for a year, and it was all mine.  First thing was... I didn't read how long of a warranty this thing had.  90 Days.  Sure enough, the first troubles with this thing started at about 6 months.

Now, to be honest.  I wasn't actually using it all that much.  I was just kinda using it to start walking and just never really committed to actually getting anywhere with it.  I think in my mind at the time, I was doing the right thing just by getting it.

So, then it became a clothes rack and a general nuisance to get around since I had it right in the middle of our kitchen/dining area.  Every once in a while, I'd get the thing going for a bit and either it'd start messing up, or I'd loose interest in it.

Then came the moved down here to Indianapolis.  I decided that I'd move it on down, as we were going to have a bit more room for things down here.  So into the moving van it went.  September 2010 was the move in down here.

January 2011 I finally make the appointment with a new doctor down here and I see the scale tip over 280# to 282#!  I know the news isn't going to be good.  At this time, my office is located on the 2nd floor.  I already knew what shape I'm in, as I'm starting to get winded just going up and down the stairs!  Reality smacks me in the face and I decide then I'm going to actually do something.

As any one knows, it's not until March that I start.  But from January till March I'd been reading up on a lot of things and I decided that I'm jumping in on this C25K thing.

For a giggle, I decide I'll give the treadmill a try... and I'll be damned if the thing works!  The move down must have jostled things around and it's going like a champ!  So that brings us to the beginning of my story.

So, as of right now, the speed buttons are working like a champ... but I cannot adjust the incline.  I need to split apart a ribbon connector to find out which of the 4 is causing the trouble.  It'll be my luck that it's the incline button that's causing all the trouble!

The real test will be tomorrow night.  I'm going to follow some advice from my cousin that just ran a Half over the past weekend and try and speed up my walking pace. Tuesday and Friday nights are my Cross Train, so I'm going to slow it down to walking on those nights.

I'll make sure to load Devo - Theme from Doctor Detroit on to get me into the speed walking mood! 

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,


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