Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 20 Report! A wet and soggy tale....

This week, Dad held the line at least and I dropped one pound to be below 250 pounds since I can't remember when!  We've moved into the final stages!  Week 24 is the final contest week, let's see how Dad does in these last few weeks. 

Week Date Kipp   Weekly% Overall% Dad   Weekly% Overall%
20 8/9/2011 249 1 0.40% 9.45% 228 0 0.00% -0.44%
21 8/16/2011                
22 8/23/2011                
23 8/30/2011                
24 9/6/2011                

So I head out the door for tonights go at Week 8 Day 1 of C25K (5 minute warm up, 28 minute run, 5 minute cool down.)  Dark clouds overhead, but to the west it's nice and blue sky.  I start up the RunKeeper app and away I go.  I've gotten into the habit that about the 1/2 block mark, I'll check to see if it's keeping my milage... and sure enough, tonight it was hanging again.

So I reboot the iPhone and continue on.  Once again, I had 2 back to back 5 minute warm ups, then I started my jog.  It was MUCH cooler than it's been around here lately, and I seemed to be keeping a better pace than I had been since I started running outside.  I get to my normal 1 mile marker and it begins to rain.  I mean these rain drops were coming down looked HUGE.  At first I thought it was hailing.  I figure, I might as well get used to wet weather running, as the Disney 1/2 will go rain or shine.

Then, the lightning started.  ERRRT!  I'm at the point that I can turn back down our street to head home, and I do.  I know that it's about a 5 min walk for me, so I slow down to begin my cool off routine.  That's when it REALLY cuts loose.  I'm immediately SOAKED.  So I begin to "speed walk" like I'm Dan Aykroyd in Doctor Detroit (okay, I'm like one of 3 people that like this movie in the world,  so click on the link and you'll see the DEVO song for the movie, and also get the Dan Aykroyd reference.)  I get back home, all dried off... and it's back to being sunny out.  *sigh*  Oh well, better to be safe than sorry.

I've ordered another bit of "running gear".  I've ordered a RoadID so that if something should happen while I'm out and about... or while I'm at the 1/2 Marathon, they can get vital information immediately.  I'm getting the wrist one, I'd thought about he shoe tag, but have heard of too many stories where some one involved in a pedestrian/Auto accident, they quite often loose their shoes.  So wrist it is.  I don't think I could stand the ankle version, as I can hardly stand to wear socks that go above the shoe any more.

Well, by looking at the Magic Counter on the side of my page, we're down to TWENTY-FOUR DAYS till Disney World!!!  151 Days till the 1/2 Marathon Weekend!  I've found out that some more Disney friends of mine will be in the 1/2 this year and we're going to try and get together at least sometime during the weekend!  I think they've both been in it before and I'll be the noob.  So I'm sure my corral will be the last and they may be placed up ahead of me in the starting corrals.  (In case they read this, Yo!  Dude!  And HI to one of the Cats!)

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012 

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