Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 17 Report! The scales are-a-lieing!

Dad got new scales this week, and comparatively it looks like when they are side by side the new scales are 5 lbs heavier.  So in keeping with what he is going to use from here on out, Dads gone with the heavier reporting weight this week.

Week Date Kipp   Weekly% Overall% Dad   Weekly% Overall%
10 5/31/2011 257 3 1.15% 6.55% 216 1 0.46% 4.85%
11 6/7/2011 256 1 0.39% 6.91% 219 -3 -1.39% 3.52%
12 6/14/2011 259 -3 -1.17% 5.82% 218 1 0.46% 3.96%
13 6/21/2011 256 3 1.16% 6.91% 220 -2 -0.92% 3.08%
14 6/28/2011 259 -3 -1.17% 5.82% 222 -2 -0.91% 2.20%
15 7/5/2011 252 7 2.70% 8.36% 222 0 0.00% 2.20%
16 7/12/2011 253 -1 -0.40% 8.00% 223 -1 -0.45% 1.76%
17 7/19/2011 251 2 0.79% 8.73% 225 -2 -0.90% 0.88%

I don't know that I had much choice in loosing weight this week with the weather that we've been having!  Today's run it was 92 out, "Feels Like" 95, very humid.  There was a couple of spots that I did manage to catch a little bit of breeze, but not much!  Running set I wore today was completely soaked by the time I made it back home.

Most impressive part is I managed to eek out Week 5 Day 1 of the C25K!!  Basicly 5 Min warm up, "run" 5 minues, walk 3, Run 5, Walk 3, Run 5, cool down 5.  Since the GPS wasn't working right with the app, I do not know what my pace was, but I KNOW I was going slow.  My heart rate never got above 160, which normally when I do a harder run pace I'm closer to 170-175ish.  I just didn't want to run the risk of giving myself heat stroke or anything!  I also drank my whole bottle of water tonight too!  Usually I have a little bit left.

Disappointing part is, that I tried out a new iPhone app called RunKeeper.  Well... something was funky with it, and the GPS part of it didn't work.  It zapped the power of the phone, but didn't show me as actually GOING anywhere.  It also showed that GPS was "good" or Green.  So I followed the help online tonight and I'll give it another chance Thursday for W5D2.

Now with RunKeeper, I have to manually enter in the C25K workouts.  I've already entered all of my remaining "Coaching" entries for the rest of my C25K program.  (Weeks 5-9)  

WHY am I trying this app out?  Well, it has voice prompts in RunKeeper  will let me know (if the GPS is working) my distance.  I really want to try and get my Heart Rate monitor watch tuned into my correct stride so my distances come out closer on the watch.  If the C25K app would do that, I'd not be looking for another app.  So right now, I have the app set to update my Distance and Pace every 5 minutes, and for each Mile.  So it did update me every 5 minutes... "Distance zero point zero zero miles, Pace zero point zero miles"  ARRGH!

If RunKeeper doesn't work again Thursday, I'll probably give it the heave-ho!  Apparently it has some bugs (duh!) and a new version is in the pipeline in the iTunes App Store, waiting for approval.  So if it does fail again Thursday, I'll give the app another try when the new version is out.  If it fails again in the new version, it'll be 3 strike... OUT!!!

Counters on the left are telling me only 45 days till Walt Disney World!!  Wow!  Time is going fast.  172 days till the 1/2 Marathon trip!

I didn't sign up for the 5K in Winamac for this Saturday.  There still may be a chance I'll do a day of entry into it... as Saturday will be my dreaded Week 5 Day 3 for my Outside Training!  We'll see how this heat treats me Thursday.

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,


Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012 

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