Thursday, July 7, 2016

A posting I will go!

C25K W5 D2
Made it through day 2 of week 5!  It was hot & humid but I only really slowed down in the very last run segment.  Then I continued walking long after the cool down.  I was absolutely soaked when I came back home.

It was funny, I was flinging sweat from my arms as I was running/walking along tonight. I really don't mind the sweating, it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

My ugly mug
I was going through a lot of my posts from 5 years ago and noticed that I would often post a picture.  Well, here I am!  This was on my walk last night.  I only every have both ear buds in when I walk entirely on the sidewalks.  If I'm out in the street, one or both of them are out of my ears.

I've even got my RunDisney hat from 5 years ago!  Yes, it's been washed!  I have other running hats, but this one is still the most comfortable.

Marathon Weekend trip plans are set!
Today, SouthWest released January 5th through March 7th flights for booking.  So when I first got up this morning, I got my flight booked for my return trip.  My round trip price still isn't anywhere near what I got it for 5 years ago.  I'm still not sure how I managed a round trip on Delta for under $160!  I doubt I'll ever manage a round trip ticket that cheap ever again.

So, I sent my info off to my fantastic Disney Travel Agent, Liz over at Charmed Destinations.  She'll get my Disney Magical Express all set up for me and I'm all set! 

Tomorrow is  the first day to start making dining reservations for that trip already!!

Terrible waste of money!
I posted this picture over on FaceBook tonight, but I thought I would post it here to just share it with everyone.
I run/walk past this pitiful Camero every day that I'm outside.  I really think that it is unable to actually turn, because the wheels are so big.  The "paint" job is just horrible too... primer black... or maybe just house paint black.  I've never seen it actually move, so I don't think it even runs.

Having had 2 Camero's in my vehicle history (1975 Yellow & 1980 White w/Red stripes), this thing just breaks my heart.  The looks of it, it's from that 1980's era, similar to the one I had.

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