Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

First off, I want to wish all my friends and family a Happy Fathers Day!

A Recap for this week.
In the past week, I've had a 2 pound drop in weight.  I went from 252 down to 250.  

I also got some running in this week in a semi-regular basis for the first time in weeks!  I went out Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

This brought me up to 12.95 miles for this week.

Spirit of the Marathon II
On Wednesday I went to see Spirit of the Marathon II.  The first movie was about people training and going through the Chicago Marathon.  This new movie was for the Rome Marathon.  It was another very good movie.  It really highlights the wide range of people that are now running marathons, all the way from pros to first timers.

Also on Wednesday, I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 12th, 2014!  That's RIGHT!  M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N, no 1/2 in front of this one!  I will be working on endurance and some speed work all through the summer in order to prepare for my training starting in September.  Training will begin right after my Florida/Disney vacation.

And a 5K!
On Friday, I signed up for another "local" 5K.  This one is in Layfayette, IN on July 20th.  I'll be going up to visit some friends that started walking last year and they will be also at this event.  It's called the Zoo Run Run.

Future Plans
Through our work, we get a discount at some of the local gyms.  A new LA Fitness is opening up close to one of the ways I go to and from work.  So I'm now trying to figure out if this new one will also be available as a discounted membership.  If so, I'm going to try and work it into my budget to take advantage of some of the other types of training that they provide in classes.  I would hope that I could just go there after work and get some types of cross training in.

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,

Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2014!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49
January 12, 2013-  FINISHED 4:00:29
Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon
November 3, 2012-  FINISHED 3:37:29
Cincinnati Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon
May 5, 2012-  FINISHED - 3:32:27 PR

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