Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing the new catchphrase!

Yes!  I know I said I'd post last weekend on how Marathon Weekend was...  I'm still filling in the blanks and PROMISE to have a post about the Marathon on Saturday evening and then sometime Sunday I'll have a full Trip Report (it's turning out to be QUITE long).

So some interesting bits for this post.  I'm adopting a new catchphrase for this year:

Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!

I'm very interested in doing this all again for 2013!  Next years race weekend is January 10th through the 13th.  If I can manage to get someone else interested, I may want to see about the possibility of doing the Relay, if they decide to make it a regular race.

So this is how the new phrase comes into play.  Last years "Running to 2012... And Beyond!" was my adventure in starting to run.  Now this years phrase comes into the fact that I've still got about 60 pounds of the 100 pounds I set out to loose still yet to go.  If I am going to do the race next year, I want to be able to run the whole race and do it faster than I did this year.

The stronger portion of the phrase comes from the fact that my legs are getting much stronger, but I've not worked as much to improve my upper body strength as much as I should.  Getting a more balance fitness routine should help out on the last part, getting faster.

My goals are going to be to find a 10K race that I can train for speed and get an official time for my entry into next years Disney 1/2 Marathon.  Starting back as far as I did in this years race I think may have been why I hit such a bad bottleneck that I ended up slowing down for the end of the race.  You need to have an official time of 10K or greater to be able to be placed in an earlier wave corral.

There is the Run for Your Lives 5K event either here near Indy or the one near DC that I'm rather interested in attempting.  Training to run from the Zombie hordes may come in handy some day!

Other than that, I've not made solid plans as of yet.  Some new friends that I met at this years 1/2 Marathon would like me to come up to the Chicagoland area and go to an event they're going to.  One of them looks rather interesting that you get to finish on the 50 yard line at Soldier Field!

Well, I've stayed up later than I thought I would, so I'm going to cut this off here.  Keep a watch for my Marathon Weekend posts that will be coming up in the next couple of days!

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,


Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012 FINISHED 3:48:49


  1. Love the new catchphrase and goals! So glad that you're wanting to do it again next year! I'll be there for sure...Have to be Dopey again, especially for the 20th anniversary of the marathon!

    Keep working and you'll do great!

  2. Meeting up with you at Disney was great! Disney 2013 will be epic! The Soldier Field 10Miler is a definite must do! And you can use it for your Disney corral placement too! Let me and Mike know if you sign up so we can meet up!

    1. Memorial day weekend is normally a time that I head to DC to visit friends out there.

      I've not made plans as of yet, so I'm still not sure if we'll be meeting up yet or not. I should have a better idea on whats going on in a couple of weeks I imagine.