Saturday, November 26, 2011

Becoming a runner means learning to tie your shoes all over again!

Well, today was a little shopping adventure.  I went out to find something that I'd think was pretty simple.  New laces for my Asic's 2160's.  The laces that came with the shoes were drastically too short for my feet.  I needed as much room as I could coax out of these shoes in the toe box area.

I measured the laces that came with they shoes, and they are a pretty standard 45" size.  This only works on these shoes if you have them cinched super tight.  Impossible for me to wear.  I couldn't even get my foot inside the shoe with them laced up so tight!

So to start off with, I went straight up several holes with the laces.  After running a couple of weeks with them like this, it led me to believe that the front of my foot was sliding around and flexing too much with no lacing in the front area of the shoe.

So off I went today to find 54" laces.  I went to my local running store, and they had a very limited selection of laces.  45" only.  Bleh.  Then I headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods in the same mall.  After digging around on their poorly stocked lace rack, I was finally able to find 2 pair of 54" white oval laces.  WHEW!  Socks were also on sale, so I picked up a 6 pack of Under Armor training socks at 25% off.  

Last time I got something at Dick's, I forgot to fill out the survey on the register receipt.  I'll do it this time, as I found a running belt that I'd like to get.  I'll use the $10 coupon to bring it into a price that I can afford right now!  Getting closer to the Marathon Weekend, so I'm trying to save some money back so I can do things like eat while I'm down there!
Nathan 5k Runner's Pack

I want to get it before the marathon weekend, so I can try it out on my next few long runs to get used to it.  I'm going to load a small point & shoot camera and see if some "fuel" items will fit in there.  My local running store does carry the Cliff line of stuff, so I'm thinking when I grab the belt, I'm going to nab a few of their items to test them out.

Anyhow... On to my learning how to tie my shoes all over again!  I found a web site all about tying & lacing your shoes!!  I've nabbed some of the pictures form his site, so if you are interested, please visit his site.  If you click on one of the pictures below, it will also take you directly to the site page where he discusses the various ideas behind the lacing method.
Please visit Ian's Shoelace Site!
Knotted Segment Lacing

Reef Knot Step 1

Reef Knot Step 2

Reef Knot Step 3

Reef Knot Step 4

 In order to keep my laces from tightening in the toe box area, I've gone with the Knotted Segment Lacing Method.  Put a Reef Knot in the middle so that each time I tie my laces, it won't keep cinching the lower part of the shoe.
Lock Lacing

 The final step in lacing up my shoes comes with the Lace Lock method, or Lock Lacing.  Ever wonder why there are two eyelets at the top of your shoe?

Here is the reason!  When you tie your shoes with this method, it cinches up your shoe to be snug around the ankle.  When running, I KNOW that my heel isn't going to shift around inside my shoe.

Keeping my feet stable in the shoe will help prevent blisters forming! 

Now that I've laced my shoes up this way, my feet feel nice & snug in the shoe.  We'll see how tomorrow's run goes (yes...yes.. it was supposed to be today, but I've blown this weeks training schedule so bad now, I figure shifting it a day won't matter much now.  I did run yesterday.)  The run is supposed to be a 5K Race, but I didn't have the spare cash to enter into a 5K Turkey Trot that was held locally today.  So, since I've blown this weeks schedule anyways, I'm going to just stick with a repeat of the 6 miles from last week for this week also.

With it being Thanksgiving week and all, I'm quite sure that my weight loss for this week will turn out to be a negative!  I already started moving the wrong direction when I weighed in this week and that was Tuesday!!

Week Date Kipp   Weekly% Overall%
0 3/22/2011 275      
31 10/25/2011 247 -2 -0.82% 10.18%
32 11/1/2011 242 5 2.02% 12.00%
33 11/8/2011 243 -1 -0.41% 11.64%
34 11/15/2011 242 1 0.41% 12.00%
35 11/22/2011 245 -3 -1.24% 10.91%

It's really beginning to look like I'm not going to be able to hit that 100 pounds in one year mark at this point!  Loosing 60 pounds in another 20 more weeks just isn't going to be realistic without going too drastic.  I wanted to be 20 pounds lighter by the time Marathon weekend comes around, but that's 5 weeks away, which translates into needing to loose 4 pounds per week!  The stagnation in weight loss since the middle of August has just been getting to me lately! 

Next weeks schedule!  We're at Week 7 of 12 already! 42 Days till Race Day!

Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
N-11 11/27 11/28 11/29 11/30 12/1 12/2 12/3
7 Stretch &
4.5 m Run 3 m Run
Or Cross
4.5 m Run +
Rest 50 min
7 m Run

Look at that long run for next Saturday!  7 MILES!  I'll officially be over the 1/2 1/2 Marathon distance!!  The maximum distance that I'll actually run during training is 10 miles, one week before the race.  At that point, they say that my body will take over and get me through to the end the next week for the 13.1 miles.

I'm once again trying to find information and ideas of what to expect for the 1/2 Marathon.  I've found a site that gives a verbal "run through" of the entire course.  I've been to Walt Disney World enough now, that I can read this and pretty much visualize the entire course!

Well, this has turned out to be quite a post.  So I think I'll leave it at this for now.  Take a look at that Step by Step description of the race!  I found it to be really interesting to get a "play by play" description of the route!

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012