Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 6 - Day 2 OUTSIDE

  Wow.  Tonight was 90 some odd degrees out with a "FEELS LIKE" Temp of 100 degrees.

  I actually started off better than I did Tuesday.  Tonight didn't feel so humid out.  It was VERY hot, but breathing was not a challenge.  In my RunKeeper log for tonight, you can see how I started off pretty good, but ended slowly.  Once I knew I had about a minute left on that last 10 minute segment, I did manage to pick it up a little bit.

  Well, not much planned for this weekend.  I will be taking Grandma to the airport Saturday morning.  There are 2 movies I'd like to see, since I didn't go last week.  I'd like to see Capitan America and Cowboys & Aliens.

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