Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 1 Day 1... OUTSIDE!

Happy Fathers Day!

First off, I'd like to congratulate one of my friends out east for completing yet another 5K, this time with his daughter!  Nice thing to do together on Fathers Day :)  

Well, the knee held up fine for the Week 1 Day 1 routine.  I was able to keep a decent pace this time out since I was concentrating on it more than I had before.

Even with "taking it easy", my overall pace was a 16.49.  I now know what kind of pace it will take in order to not be swept in the Half Marathon in January. 

I've been Googling on line to find out about peoples experience with the Disney 1/2 Marathon and have been enjoying some of the blogs that I've come across.

One of them that I've quite enjoyed has been Eat, Sleep, Run Disney.  I especially appreciate the tips she's given about what to make sure to pack and have on hand when heading down for the 1/2 Marathon.

Speaking of going down, my arrangements have been coming along nicely.  I've now gotten a great deal on a flight down & back with Delta.  My time off of work has already been approved and I should soon receive  a confirmation on my room for the Marathon.  I've selected Pop Century with a back up of All*Star Sports.  I'm hoping to hear back on Monday about which room package I've gotten.  I've heard that Pop fills up quite quickly for this weekend.  All*Star Sports won't be a bad selection... it's just going to be further away from everything that I'd have liked.

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012

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