Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Long, Long road ahead.

My journey there and back...
Just to give a comparison, I have a picture of me in the same shirt 3 years ago and then again today.  Bad haircut 3 years ago and needs a haircut today!

Sad part is, the huge neck and extra chin are back, making most of my shirts uncomfortable.  The huge belly means my shirts no longer tuck in very well either.
May 2011

April 2014
First intervals since the groin pull...
This is kind of how I felt the first times hitting the run interval, for at least 2 out of the 3 miles tonight:

Yeah, it wasn't feeling that great.  Like a big knot or having an extra... *ahem*  Once I got past 2 miles, everything started to feel better.  Now that I'm home and cleaned up, everything is still in it's proper place, so I think I'm good to go.

The last mile I was actually able to get in some longer intervals of actual jogging speeds, without it feeling awkward.  

How I think I look out there
The self consciousness of being out there again at this weight is just making me feel uneasy.  I know that I've just got to say I don't care what anyone is thinking, just get out there and get this done... again!

Around the 3:50 mark in the video really is a strong expression of how I was feeling out there today!

I was much more aware of what I was eating this week.  Was it all good, no.  But I was much better than I have been in months.  

I will now be hitting the farmers markets and local butchers to start getting some cleaner foods into me.  Today was the first local farmers market of the year and they didn't have much.  They said Mid to late May is when they will have a good variety of items.  I still bought a pound of ground beef from a local farmer and looked at some lamb patties, thinking that those might make some nice lamb sliders, if I can find the recipe again...

A big difference 3 years ago and now was that I was monitoring my carb intake much more closely.  I know I need to drop most of what I have been eating because my body cannot handle those carbs anymore.

Past time to hit the RESET button...

Indy 500 Mini Marathon (1/2 Marathon)
With a week to go for the Indy 500 Mini Marathon, I'm really not sure what to expect out of myself.  Almost zero training and a lot of extra weight.  It's going to be rough.

Oh, I'll be there!  I'll be starting!  Next Friday I'll be at the Mini expo and I know I'll post some pictures up about that on my Facebook account.  I don't remember if KT Tape had a booth at the past Mini Expo's, I think they did.  The Indy Mini is a pretty big race, so I expect they'll have a taping boot there.  I may get my ankle and calf done up again, just for some extra psychological measures (and maybe some physical ones).

The thing I'm most looking forward to is actually being on the track.  Kiss the Bricks!!!

The Long, Long Road Ahead
It's very evident that I've lost a LOT of conditioning these past 6 months.  It's nowhere near as bad as when I started 3 years ago, but it sure feels like it sometimes!

I'm signed up for races throughout the year, all leading up for next years Goofy race and a Half challenge at Disney world.

I have plans, I just need to stick to them and STOP EATING all the junk I have been.  Also to eat much less than I have been too!  

I have a couple of months left to pay off my car, so once that monthly expense is released I'm going to sign up at a local gym too.  I want to have a full Running/Riding/Strength training program in place before I go to my full marathon in September!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2014 - The Road to Goofy 2015!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Full Circle

I've come full circle...
I've actually gone the wrong way around.  I'm right back where I started from, all that time ago.  Albeit I'm still in better shape, but my weight is right back where I was.

Welcome back to 272.

Welcome back to BIG clothing.

What happened at the Marathon?
I didn't make it even as far as I had hoped.  The balloon ladies caught up with me in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.  I went back and forth with them several times before they last passed me going through Adventureland.  

I started off that morning feeling pretty excited.  Watching the other corrals take off is quite the experience in itself.  When you're as far back as I was, it can get pretty nerve wracking to wait your turn.

It finally started and, as usual, I had to hit the very first port-a-potty's.  I'm quite convinced that it's just the waiting around and then the excitement of actually starting that sets things in motion.  Once I had made it to the 1st mile marker after the short break, it became quite clear that my ankle was NOT happy with me pounding the asphalt.  No matter what I tried, I couldn't even squeak out 2 minutes of constant running.  So, I swapped my pace around, from Run/Walk 2/1, to Walk/Run 2/1.  

By the time that I got to the underpass going towards the Contemporary, I was even having difficulty in keeping that going.  I had managed to run for a few minutes to pass the balloon ladies briefly.

As I finally made it into the Magic Kingdom, I just really don't know what emotions I was having at this point.  It was great to be there, but I knew I was currently in the "last place" position and would be fighting the whole way to keep ahead.

At this point, my bright spot is that... Hey!  I'm in last place.  I should be able to get a GREAT picture coming out of the castle.  Yeah... wrong.  As unbelievable as it is, the 2 gals in front of me... JUMPED IN FRONT OF EACH OF THE PHOTOGRAPHERS coming out of the castle.  I've checked my photos online.  Yep, sure enough... not a damn one of them has just me in the picture.  In each and every freaking one of them these 2 ladies are in them.

I progress into Adventureland and the Balloon Ladies pass me again.  I'm pretty crushed at this point.  My ankle is hurting with every step I take (no, not song from The Police), I'm experiencing a jolt.  With fear that I may have a stress fracture, I make the decision to bail at the medical stop outside of the Magic Kingdom.  I stop by the tent, request an ice pack and a towel.  The also give me some Tylenol.  

I entered the med van and wait to leave.  We get the clearance to leave and we make our way out.  2 ladies in the van with me were attempting Dopey.  With no training!!  So I listen a bit to them talking.  The lady directly in front of me is in great pain.  They get out of the van and I hear the med techs say something that it looks like she ruptured her Achilles, because she was unable to move her foot.

Once I make my way out of the van at Epcot, they shove a medal in my hand.  I told them I didn't want it.  They replied that it's mine, take it.  Whatever.  I slowly hobbled my way to the buses.  Thankfully, the Pop Century bus takes right off.

6.2 miles.  That's what I did that morning.

After the Marathon attempt
After I get back to the room and go through the shower, I'm feeling a bit better and decide I've got enough time to go to Epcot and cheer on those still running the race.

I first made my way to the center part were the Christmas tree normally stands, it's the Marathon's last turn towards Space Ship Earth.  I sit down and cheer on people as they come around the corer.  It's extremely hot in this area though.  I'd not eaten anything yet and didn't have anything to drink with me either.  I decided to go to where the runners enter into Epcot at the UK Pavilion.  It was a bit shadier there and I was able to get a Teabreeze (with no alcohol, its the frozen lemonade that I love plus some tea, an Arnold Palmer slushie).  

I got to cheer on many people.  I got to see several of our WiSH team mates come through the last stretch.  I even got a full body tackle hug from one them!  The remainder of the trip on Monday, I met up with teammates for breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery, hobbled around Magic Kingdom and then got on the bust to the airport.

After the DNF and ankle injury in November and the results from the Marathon, I was pretty crushed.  I was at least hoping to make it half way and didn't managed to get even that.

I came off of Marathon weekend to find out that we made a decent year end bonus at work.  I had decided last year that if we did make bonus, I would finally buy a new bike.

The last day of January, a local bike shop had a sale going on on 2013 models.  I wound up with a great deal on a GIANT Defy 5.  They had one left and it was just my size!
GIANT Defy 5
I also picked up a few things for the new bike.  A bottle holder and a helmet.  They weren't going to let me leave without buying one.

I had not ridden a bike since 1996.  I was swiped by a car while riding my bike into work one morning and I hadn't ridden since.

I made an appointment early in February to get it fitted to me.  I also picked up a pair of biking gloves and shorts.

I learned a lot from the fitting!

In late February I picked up a trainer, so I can ride it inside.  I've only ridden it a couple of times, both inside and outside.  We had a couple of days in March where I could ride it outside and I did.

A new injury
A little over two weeks ago, I suffered a pulled groin muscle.  I made a doctors visit and they gave me a prescription for some pain medicine to help me get some sleep.  I was told to call back if by the end of the week my leg wasn't responding, it would mean I would have a very serious tear.

Since I was walking around, they were pretty confident that it wasn't that serious of a pull.

The pain is slowly dying out and I'm getting some of my range of motion back with the exercises and stretches that the doctor told me to do.

What comes next?
With the bonus that I mentioned earlier, I've signed up for more races this year.  I had already signed up for the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon that is in May.  Here is a brief schedule:

Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon
May 2, 2014

With the 18 minute pace minimum, I've decided that with the weight and injury, I'm going to walk this.  I know I can still maintain about a 17 minute walking pace with little effort.

Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon
July 20, 2014

Chicago will be my race to fully start serious training.  My new training schedule I've come up with incorporates bike riding as my cross training of choice.  I will be running this with many of my Disney running buddies from WiSH and other groups.

Air Force Marathon  (Yes, MARATHON)
September 20, 2014

I HAVE to get a full marathon under my belt.  Again, I will have Rick as a running buddy.  He was great as a running partner for Cincinnati last year.  He was disappointed that he couldn't be at Disney for my first Marathon, well, he'll still get to be with me on my first marathon!

Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon
November 1, 2014 (A shot at redemption)

I'm just going to do this because I KNOW I can do this one.  I have to make up for spraining my ankle last year.

This is all in a lead up of hopes of doing the 10th anniversary Goofy for the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  Goofy is 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, Marathon on Sunday!

I just might have one more race for 2014, but I haven't made up my mind about it yet.

Now it's time to say good-bye...
Thanks for reading this long post.  I've needed to get some of that out for a while.  I've got to get my mind going in the right direction again and start making things happen.

See you real soon!

Thanks for Reading!


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